i.e. a fighter
by Dagonell Collingwood

While looking up another word in the dictionary, I happened across these entries. I think you'll find them interesting. The dictionary is "Webster's New International Dictionary", Second Edition, Unabridged.

Hop'lite (hoplit), n. (Gr. hoplites, fr. hoplon tool, weapon.) Gr. Antiq. A heavy-armed infantry soldier equipped with helmet, cuirass, greaves, shield, spear and sword. - hop-lit-ic (hop-lit-ik), adj.

Hop'li-tod'ro-mos (hop'li-tod'ro-mos), n.; -mi (-mi). (Gr.), Gr. Antiq. One who took part in a foot race in full armor.

Hop-lol'o-gy (hop-lol'o-ji), n. (hoplo- + -logy.) Science or lore of weapons. Rare.

Hop-lom'a-chos (hop-lom'a-kos), n.; pl. -chi (-ki), (Gr.) Gr. Antiq. One who fights in armor.

Hop-lom'a-chy (hop-lom'a-ki), n. (Gr. hoplomachia, fr. hoplon weapon + mache battle.) Gr. Antiq. Fighting under arms, especially in mock battle. -hop'lo-mach'ic (hop'lo-mak'ik), adj. -hop-lom'a-chist (hop-lom'a-kist), n.

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