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Dagonell's Achievement of Arms Mundanely, I'm David P. Salley, a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. (SCA) I live in Fredonia NY.

Scadianly, I am THF Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake I reside in the Æthelmearc Kingdom, in the Shire of Heronter. Under normal circumstances, an individual who has earned a Grant of Arms would be addressed as "The Honorable Lord (Lady)". Since my court jester persona would never be addressed by such a title, I avoided using it. The heralds called me into court as "The Honorable Fool" and I've been holding them to it ever since! :D I've earned another title since, but I still prefer this one. AE A&S Artisan Page, AE Scribes Page, No-Gorsedd Bard's Guild biography

Historically, My medieval persona is Dagonell the Juggler, a wandering jongleur from England's War of the Roses, who, while trying desperately to stay out of England's War of the Roses, signed up as a sailor aboard the merchant ship, The Sea Lion

line of roses
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line of roses

Version YF07a. % xHW-i&= AS+i { AM' BG'* BH BR QL CG? CD? CM? GB DL FL' GM'* IL'
JM' JG'* LW NL' PU'* PY? SE? VC'* ST' TH VN? WX } SR+ii {CL DC DM ES' xFA KW}
HD+o HS+iii { A B C F L } MR+o UN+ii A+iii HW-i/+o G+i P.15c~en/+ii
EX.xiv/+ii TR-i(+o)/-i EN+ii HH+i FM+o MP+o NT+o WB+i*

line of roses
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