Active and Cooperative Learning

The Paper Shuffle

Shuffling paper can consume a great deal of class time especially when you have exercises and answer keys that are returned each class. What I now do, is create folders for each group at the start of the semester. The folders are just 1/2 of a manila folder. I create two for each group (in two different colors). Each one gets the group number written on the front and the group members names written on the inside. One of these folders is for group work and the other is for individual work. All work is returned by being put into one of the folders and then the folders are given to the groups. So, instead of having to pass out 40 pieces of paper to 40 individuals, I give out 8 packets to 8 groups of 5 students and the groups then distribute the papers. I do tend to give back exams individually, but still use the folders to sort them. In this way, I only approach each group once instead of running around the room as I return the exams.
Evaluation Mechanisms
Organizing for Class

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