My Family

These are pictures of my family.

This is my husband, Fred Dansereau, and our dog Barney. Fred and I celebrate our anniversary based on February 13, 1992, the day we were out for ice cream with a group of friends and we had a very nice time talking and joking. It was that evening that we realized we were interested in each other. Over the next few weeks, then months, and now years, our relationship continues to improve and our life gets better. We exchanged rings to signify our commitment to each other on August 15, 1993, and we moved in together on July 14, 1994. We were legally married on June 13, 2009 in Provincetown, MA.
This is a pciture of Barney. Barney was our golden retriever, and was named after Barney Frank a member of congress from Massachusetts. He was born June 6, 1992 and died February 19, 2005. He had bad hips and bad front elbows and it was the front legs that eventually gave out. He was a great dog and a wonderful companion even if he ate things he shouldn't, and seemed to need a major operation every year or so. He loved to take walks -- its almost like he thought that was his job. He had a zest for life that is refreshing. Its amazing how much he enjoyed the little things. He even seemed to stop to smell the flowers when he was on his walks.
This is Patrick. Patrick was a gray cockatiel. He was hatched in March 1984, some where near the 17th, so he is named Patrick after St. Patrick. Patrick died March 15, 2001 at about 17 years old, which is a really long life for a cockatiel. I had a second bird named Opus, who was a Grey Cheeked Parakeet (miniature parrot). Opus and Patrick had been friends for about 10 years, when Opus died in July 1995. He was a really friendly bird, and used to fly to me and spend hours sitting on my shoulder.

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