Active and Cooperative Learning

Introducing Students to Active and Cooperative Learning

On the first day of class, when I am describing the structure of the course, I also talk at length about active and cooperative learning. I mention that studies show that active and cooperative learning is better for the students and that they will feel better about the material as well. I make this part of the presentation very strong and upbeat, because I need the students to believe, like I do, in the effectiveness of active and cooperative learning. If they believe with me they will do the work I need them to do in order for this to succeed. (By the way, this is the same amount of work we normally assume our students do, but then lament when they don't.) I find that by explaining why I'm using active and cooperative learning my students are more involved and actually prepare for class.

I explain the class structure at the start of the semester, because my students need to understand the process if it's going to work.

Getting Started
A Typical Class Session

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