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Feedback # 1

submitted on Wednesday, August 27, 1997 at 15:22:39 EDT/EST by Jeffrey J. McConnell

Students' background
CS 1 students about mid semester. I actually tried this after hearing the activity talked about during my workshop presentation.

Time given students
5 minutes

Differences from original description

Things that succeded
The basic concept is good, but I had a real problem with its implementation. (see next answer)

Problems encountered
The two students who volunteered had very good hand strength and finger dexterity, and so one was able to hold two tennis balls in one hand. This allowed the other student to grab the second ball and complete the exchange with just two people.

Suggested improvements
I figure that I will try it again but with inflatable beach balls. My other thought would be to give groups of students two glasses of water (with two different colors of water) and have them try to figure out how to switch them. Then offer a third glass to help them out.
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