Activity #8

Consensus Building

Activity Type: poll

Discipline: generic

Area: Any

To get students to develop a consensus on a topic.

Time needed (estimate): 20-30 minutes

Pose a question to the students and allow them to engage in either a class wide brainstorming session or a think-pair-share activity. (e.g. "What are the most important things in American culture?")

The end of the brainstorming or sharing should be a list on the board of all of the ideas the class came up with. Nothing should be commented on as it is added to the list, and nothing should be left off unless it clearly duplicates something already on the list.

Now have the students look at the list for a few minutes and decide which 3 or 5 or 7 (depending on whether you have a few, some or a lot of items on your list) the think are the best answers to the original question posed. The students then line up and pass by the list and put a check mark next to the items they have chosen.

When they are done, you can then begin a discussion about the items that have the most checks and the least checks.

Materials needed: nothing--though this can also be done with flipcharts, markers, and tape to hang the sheets

Submitted by Jeffrey J. McConnell on Wednesday, August 27, 1997 at 16:26:47 EDT/EST.

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