Activity #3

Code Writing

Activity Type: exercise

Discipline: programming

Area: Intro Programming (CS1) and Data Structures (CS2)

To improve programming skills

Time needed (estimate): 20-30 minutes

I will assign short programming assignments (of about 10-15 lines) to groups of five students in my introductory programming class. I do this for all of the major sections of the course (e.g. loops, if statements, lists, stacks, queues, etc.)

Students gain from the chance to program while I'm easily available for them to ask me questions, but they also learn from seeing how other students struggle with the material.

My programming exercises are usually taken from those at the end of the chapter/section of the textbook.

Materials needed: none

Submitted by Jeffrey J. McConnell on Wednesday, August 27, 1997 at 14:30:11 EDT/EST.

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