Activity #10


Activity Type: drama

Discipline: programming

Area: Data Structures (CS2)

to show how stacks work

Time needed (estimate): 15 minutes

1) as students arrive have them stack chairs instead of sitting on them. then talk about how they would get chairs to use them.


2) have papers or handouts that have been prepared with the students names on a desk near the door. do not let the students sit down until they have the paper with their name, but also only allow them to remove the paper that's on the top of the stack (they can't look through the papers to find theirs). If a student is absent or late, this may mean that you start the class with a bunch of students standing near the door, but this is o.k. if you make that a point of discussing the characteristics of a stack. If there are people who's names are not on a paper, you can also use this to talk about underflow.

Materials needed: none - or papers prepared with the student's names

Submitted by ?? (SIGCSE 97) on Wednesday, August 27, 1997 at 16:37:44 EDT/EST.

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