Activity #1

Quiz for content

Activity Type:evaluation


Area: Any

Purpose:To ensure that students prepare and know the content of the material assigned for that day's class

Time needed (estimate): 15 minutes

At the start of class, students take a true/false and multiple choice test on the material assigned for the day. The test actually allows the students to give three answers for each question. So, if a student is sure the answer is true, they can answer T three times, but if they think it might be true but aren't completely sure, they can answer TTF, and then will get 2 points if it is true or at least 1 if the answer was false.

Once the students complete the quiz as individuals, they take the quiz again as part of their group. While the groups are working, the individual quizzes can be graded.

After the quiz, students then know what of the material they don't understand, and that can be used to decide what to talk about during the rest of the class.

For large classes, a portable Scantron grading machine can be used to quickly grade the student's answers.

Materials needed: nothing special - except for a Scantron for large classes

Submitted by Jeffrey McConnell on Wednesday, August 27, 1997 at 13:17:26 EDT/EST.

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