Debra Thomas Burhans, Ph.D.

Canisius College
Department of Computer Science
2001 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14208

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Contact Information

Email: burhansd at canisius dot edu
Web Page:
Office Location: Science Hall Room 1029 C
Office Telephone: (716) 888-2433
Fall 2017 Weeky Schedule: TBA

Fall 2017 Courses

Fall 2017 Office Hours


logic, knowledge representation, robotics, bioinformatics, music theory (14th-15th century; 20-21st century), jazz, poetry, the outdoors, sleeping, creating, making and helping others to make cool things, poetry, performance, dancing, understanding and analyzing political speech (particularly the non-answering of questions and lies)

ARTY - current build instructions

Current Build Instructions for ARTY basic roverbot

Current Activities

Electroskip, ARTY, Intermedia Performance Studio, playing in two bands: Fried Oatmeal, a contra dance band, and Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalists"a party band with a marching problem"