Here's a summary of what you need to do to complete Lab 16B.

The following steps we'll do together in class. These make up Exercise 1 on page 259 of your lab manual.

  1. Make a new folder called YourLastNameLab16b.
  2. Put your web bio from 1st HTML lab (16A) into this folder.
  3. Rename your web bio from the 1st HTML lab; call it welcome.html.
  4. Copy the sample jpeg into the Lab16B folder you've created. (The sample image can be found here -- CAUTION: the sample image is disturbing...).

The following steps you'll do yourself.

Exercise 2:
  1. Modify welcome.html (your bio page) by opening it with NotePad. As described in Exercise 2, add the HTML code immediately after the first tag that will make the sample jpeg appear on your page. The code you use is explained on the bottom of page 258 of your lab manual.
  2. View your modified welcome.html page in the browser to see that the photo appears.

Exercise 3:
  1. Using NotePad, make a brand new HTML page. Save it in your Lab16B folder, call it links.html.
  2. Using NotePad, add the tags to begin a web page. These would be the first 5 lines of code at the bottom of page 246 in your lab manual.
  3. As described in steps 7-9 of Exercise 3, add code to make links to your favorite web sites. USE THE SCREENSHOT AND EXAMPLE CODE FROM PAGES 257-258 OF YOUR LAB MANUAL AS A MODEL FOR HOW TO DO THIS!
  4. Save your links.html changes, and test the links to see that they work.

Exercise 4:
  1. Modify your welcome.html page as described in the exercise. For step 2, look at the sample line of code on about 2/3 of the way down on page 256 of your lab manual. You'll modify this line of code so that it connects to your links page, and the text that will become a link will refer to your links page.

Exercise 5:
  1. Using the same kind of code as you used above, add a link to your links page that connects to your welcome page.

Here's what you'll hand in:

Print up your welcome and links pages as they appear in the browser. Also, print up your source code for both pages from within NotePad.