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PANIC BUTTON: Having problems with your lab?

While I'm usually at Canisius only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you can reach me almost anytime via e-mail, at

Put "110 Lab" and your name in the subject line of your emails to me!

During the semester I check my e-mail regularly, and this is your best way to get in contact with me regarding a question or problem with your lab.

Make sure to give me as much detail as possible about your problem. The more you can tell me about what's going wrong, the easier it will be for me to troubleshoot it with you and get you back on track.

Also, the sooner I hear from you, the sooner I can respond. If you put off working on your lab till the day before it's due, not only will you have forgotten everything you learned about the lab in class (and have a lot of questions that you wouldn't have had if you had started earlier!), but I won't have much of a chance to give you any help. By the Sunday evening preceding our week's lab, I can't guarantee a timely response to e-mail questions -- I'll be busy preparing for the coming week.

Lab Web Site

Lab assignments can be found at the Lab Helper Index:
The lab web site will also often have additional information to help complete the lab.

Purpose of the CSC 110 Lab

To reinforce the computer science concepts introduced in the lecture part of the course.

CSC110 Lab Rules


In order to give you as much time as possible to work on your lab during class time, I start presenting the relevant and important information about the lab right at the beginning of class. I present that information once, then reserve the rest of my time to help those working on the lab. Don't be late!

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class. If you arrive late, after attendance has been taken, please notify me at the end of the class and make sure you're marked present.

Lab Format

For most labs you will work with applets that give you hands-on experience with computer science concepts. The labs will begin with an activity section that teaches you the skills needed to work with the applet (sometimes we'll do these together in class), followed by exercises using the applet.

Each lab student must individually run the applets and report the results. You may compare your results with your neighbor if you'd like, but you must do the lab and run the applet yourself, on your own machine.


Lab assignments are collected at the beginning of class, and are not accepted late. Do not plan on printing out your homework on the lab printer at the start of class: you won't have time, and if there is a problem with the printer, you'll be out of luck.

Don't forget: Late labs are NOT ACCEPTED.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to attend lab on a given day, YOU ARE STILL REQUIRED TO HAND IN YOUR LAB ON TIME if you wish to receive credit for it. You may e-mail it to me (send it as an attachment to your e-mail) if necessary.

ALSO: If you have a scheduling conflict and will be unable to attend a lab, see me in advance and we'll work out a solution. You must inform me at least one week before your expected absence.

"The Pause Button"

If for some reason you are unable to finish a lab by the time it's due, you can receive a ONE-WEEK EXTENSION to complete it. YOU MAY EXERCISE THIS OPTION ONLY ONE TIME DURING THE SEMESTER!

If you wish to use this extension, simply hand in the late lab the following week with the word "PAUSE" written on it.

This is a precious resource. Treasure it to use only when absolutely necessary! Here's a hint: some labs are harder than others, and you'll want to have this option available to you for one of those harder labs. Don't waste it!

Also, please note that even if you're using your "Pause Button" for the previous week's lab, you still must complete and turn in the current week's lab on time when due.


You will not receive a separate grade for lab. Instead, your lab work counts for 25% of your total grade for CSC110.

PC Basics

This class assumes you have basic computer skills.

Important Note:

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